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Certifications & Licenses

CPCM - 2000

Approved For Certification As A Certified  Professional Consultant to Management

Who's Who - 1999

Voted By My Peers Into International Who's Who of Business Management

DCFS - 1997

Trained And Certified Diversified Cash-Flow Specialist

Insurance Broker - 1996

Certified and Licensed in NV-CA-SC-NC-GA-AL

Real Estate - NV - 1995

Coursework Completed 4.0 GPA

Food For Thought!
Contrary to popular belief... More women use the internet than men do!
People hooked on the Internet use it primarily for 3 reasons Form Relationships Create False Identities Fantasy Fulfillment
An overwhelming majority of people on the Internet are NOT Tech-Savvy Nerds! 4:1
Information searches on the internet in order of popularity are interests/hobbies, product/service info, games and then music
People who feel, awkward or shunned in public tend to look for relationships on the internet and are more prone to using interactive devices
#1 fear on the Net is betrayal of trust
There are two DIFFERENT types of users on the Internet, those who use it primarily as a tool and those who primarily use it to release tension or stress
People feel untouchable on the Internet and will do or say things they would not normally do because of their perceived anonymity
The greatest frustrations on the Net are waiting too long for information, discovering that  information isn't free after a long search, pop-ups which have nothing to do with what you are doing  and unclear directions or inadequate guidance on how to accomplish something
If your common visitor/prospect are not regular Internet users, they need less choices and clearer directions
New users use less interactive tools (chatrooms and email) and spend more time looking for information
Old "pros" find single solution providers and spend less time searching and more time interacting (chatrooms, instant messengers and email
The best marketing for your website really depends on your product and prospect but generally they are regular networking, company literature, niche market direct response vehicles, and pay-per-click advertising
Most businesses on the Internet fail to focus on their objective and therefore lose more than 50% of their potential sales
























The Many Faces of Web Content


A Website Can Be A 'Many Splintered Thing'!

The Internet... kids use it to play, women use it to dream, men to fantasize,  business to promote, sell, market, and support, while everyone uses it to communicate, invest, control, pay bills, search, research and find information which would otherwise be unobtainable.
Who are you and what are you trying to do? Addressing this all important question is the essential key to your success in online marketing.
A website can sell, create leads, qualify prospects, complete your due diligence, expedite CUSTOMERS , reinforce your image, state your position, interact with your customer base, educate the masses, control confusion... and so much more!

A Website Can Do It All!

The art of developing a successful online presence is to creatively control the chaos which comes with the fantastic potential which your website offers you!
You need to simultaneously maintain a professional image, increase your company's branding and positioning in your prospect's mind, follow conventional website format, understand the needs, desires and expectations of your prospect, while presenting an easy to understand course of action for your prospects to realize the fulfillment of same.

One Product, One Prospect, One Objective...

Your life is simple... you can skip straight to the profit funnel portion of this page!

What Are Other Visitors Looking For?

...and should you really care?

Are you missing out on potential profit by not catering to the uncommitted visitor? Are you trying to become a portal for visitors for a specific market? If so, then by all means put every possible potential profit generating device you can on your page, but more likely than not, you are online with specific objectives in mind and you need to protect your Internet real estate.

What Is Your Fan Potential?

Artist, Poet, Musician?

Pump up the volume... Your potential for attracting dedicated visitors is much higher than anyone else on the Internet and you are also a great source for outside businesses to acquire visitors to their sites which cater to your target market. Can you say pay per lead?
Dedicated visitors will tolerate and actually respond better to highly creative sites. What is your genre? Get creative and make the experience exciting and new!
Your goal with your site is to not only to promote your latest work but also to find as many ways to merchandise your name, image and work while creating a hands-on, interactive, in-person "feel" where your visitors can experience something to tell their friends about!

Local Customer Base?

Do you cater to a specific local or region? Then keep your website advertising efforts closer to home. Link with local online businesses, and keep your traffic down to people interested in your location as well as your product.
With a steady volume of traffic, your advertising potential for offline businesses in your area is fantastic! Coupons for these businesses offered at your site can be a great source of secondary income. But remember to bury these offers in your "Thank You" pages and other locations where you took care of number one first!
What are your most successful offline marketing techniques? Think up ways to emulate these methods online.

Cereal Aisle Syndrome

Nothing is worse in any marketing endeavor than presenting your prospect with too many choices or too much information. You need to impress, then quickly qualify, identify, divide and conquer.

Profit Funnels

Once you get prospects to visit your site, don't waste a single word, thought or idea! Present them with a few options so that you know what they need, then concentrate on getting the sale or having them respond to any offer you can make to capture their personal contact information so that you can continue to make them offers.
Ideally, your visitor will click on a link which interests them. Once they click on one of these links, don't easily let them go, they have told you their interest and you now need to make your presentation. The page they go to, needs to be devoid of outside links (even to other pages on your website). this page needs to contain everything they need to make a decision about your offer and then act upon it.
These web-pages are called 'profit funnels'. On this page is your sales copy, offer, testimonials and fulfillment device.

Profit Tunnels

There are other devices (such as this webpage) which identifies the prospect, offers them information more specific to their needs or a certain benefit of your product or service which in turn leads the client to your profit funnel... The HOME button at the top of this page and several others do not lead to my primary home page but rather to my "Copywriter" 'profit funnel' page. Other examples within this website are the offers for the FREE Special Report on both the "true" home page of this site and the one which resides on the Copywriter page. Both of these forms will place the prospect back on the page they originated from.

Segue Sites

Separate entry pages are a crucial part of any company's online marketing mix.

An entry page is best developed as a completely separate website with a domain name which identifies a specific aspect, benefit or feature of your company's product and/or service. This entry page deals specifically with that topic and may or may not lead the prospect back to your main site. If it is linked to your site, the contents of your entry page should serve as a segue (or smooth transition) into the material presented on the specific page or pages linked to the entry page.

Segue Sites can also be useful for creating an appearance of an unrelated company's offerings which has links from your page. These sites are ideal for linking to another offer which can earn you income and yet you retain 100% control over the links which lead back to your primary page. They can also be used for controlled endorsements, sample pages... etc.

And So Much More!

There is so much more which goes into designing and creating a winning and successful online presence, it could not be possibly properly addressed on a dozen of these pages.

Great Web Designers...

To become a successful web designer you need to be an artist, a marketing and sales expert, a copywriter, a highly organized project manager, proficient in a wide array of website design tools and software protocols and most importantly, an experienced and proficient business-person in a number of industries.
My name is Michael Jay Wilson... I offer you all of this and more!
Now it is time for you to tell me about your project so we can begin the process of building you a professionally designed website.



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