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Much Much MORE!

     Sick of Hosting Services You Can't Trust?  
A Dependable and Professional Hosting Service
Which Allows You To Build
The Most Incredible Website You Can Imagine
With Dozens Of Simple & Easy To Use  Web-Tools
In Your Personal Web Site Management Control Panel
While You Enjoy Complete Security, Support, Peace of Mind
And Absolutely NO HIDDEN COSTS!
For those of you who like to do it yourself... Here it is, the backbone of the sites I offer, and you can use this same dependable service to create your own "Monster Sites". You get up to 500mb to deliver your message and develop your online presence.

Loads of Space & Unlimited E-Mail Addresses Too!

I start you out with a site capable of handling over 100 pages and a lot more e-mail addresses than you could possibly use... in reality you have an unlimited number of e-mail addresses available to you, as anyname@yoursite.com will work... your only limit is that you can only create 50 static or fixed e-mail addresses and all the rest can be automatically sent to the default e-mail address you specify.

And If You Need More Space...

I Will Double QUADRUPLE It For FREE!

That's right. I am so sure that you will have more than enough room to build your website, I will increase your website up to 2000mb/2gb, - if and when you need it, without interruption to your service ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge!

I do this because most people do not need this much room even for the most ambitious of projects and I can fit more clients on a server.

- Don't worry, if you need more room and I need another server...
I'll get one and you won't notice a thing when I make these changes.


Every Tool You Could Imagine A Need For Is Right Here!

My personal favorite is the web protect tool which I use to make username/password only accessible directories on the fly! I use them for personal/private directories and individual client service pages.

I have different websites which use practically every tool listed on this page as well as many that are available and are not listed here. And each of them is very easy to understand and use (if you have any experience working with website administrative tools at all).

I assure you that you won't find a hosting service which offers you more useful and simple tools than those offered by my c-panel.

You can even build an advanced database driven website with the experts tools of choice, PHP and MySQL.


Even More Tools Are Available On Your Site!


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Simple To Use -- Easy To Get Started!


1. Order Your Service   2. I Set-Up Your Site   3. You Build It!

Contact Me Today To Get Started Now!

For the low investment of $20 a month and a $20 dollar set-up fee, I will help you to reserve the domain name of your choice in your name (if available), assign it to my personal name-servers and configure that site with all of the tools you see here. After we have you set up, you can use FrontPage, the included browser based website development tools, or a HTML editor of your choice to build your site, and then you can count on my immediate response on your support issues if you have any. - FREE BACK UPS & SUPPORT!

When you order, I'll send you a confirmation e-mail with all of the step-by-step instructions and information you need to get started and it is as simple as that. (How to access your control panel set up your e-mail, etc....)



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